The 1928 House

This series of Pinhole and medium format photographs of a typical working family house, unchanged since it was built and furnished in the late 1920’s.  The photographs illustrate the traces left of lives lived in the same house for over 70 years forming a picture of day- to -day existence, a unique glimpse of a pre-war domestic interior in Aldeburgh.

C-Type Colour Prints - Edition 12

Pinhole C-Type Colour Prints - Edition 12

Black and White Silver Gelatin Prints - Edition 12

Willow Road

No 2 Willow Road forms part of a terrace of three houses in Hampstead, London designed by the Hungarian born architect Erno Goldfinger and completed in 1939. It has been managed by the National Trust since 1995 and is open to the public.

Black and White Silver Gelatin Prints - Edition 12

This project has given me an opportunity to continue my interest in the relationship between interior and exterior space, in recording light, texture and surface of specific space. The rooms at Willow Road form a series of interlocking spaces with exposed columns that emphasis the nature of construction. The details on the fittings and furniture are mirrored within the architecture. The spiral staircase is central to the house as a source of light as a well as circulation. Initially I used a 35mm and 6×6 format camera and have concentrated on the details within architectural fabric, looking at the house as architectural form, devoid of objects, personal possessions, the reminders of human presence.

Black and White Silver Gelatin Pinhole Prints - Edition 12