Tassie Russell studied painting at the University of Kingston, cultural history at the Royal College of Art, postgraduate printmaking at the Slade School and photography at St Martins College of Art.

Russell’s work is informed by an ability to handle her materials, by wide-ranging cultural references, her love for travel, and a willingness to push herself with fresh ideas and experimentation. Best known for large canvases with subdued colour and nuanced use of geometric form, travel for Russell, as for many artists, is the impetus for new work. A recent trip to Colombia resulted in a series of paintings with brighter colours and more organic forms.

Reflecting her interest in painters who move back and forth between the figurative and the non figurative, like Richard Diebenkorn, Russell searches constantly for compelling compositions of architectural space. The inspiration may be a building or a landscape, but the solution is always achieved by a lengthy reworking in the studio. These are hard-won images from a mature and subtle artist.

Russell does not limit herself to one medium and tackles each new process with precision, always open to improvise and adapt. In her printmaking, she uses etching, carborundum and chine colle to create dramatic pieces that combine free brush strokes with structured drawings. As a photographer, Russell often still uses a medium format film camera together with a selection of specially constructed pinhole cameras to photograph forgotten domestic interiors and abstracted elements in the landscape .

Russell’s work has abeen widely shown and is held in private and public collections, including Clifford Chance LLP. She was awarded the Clifford Chance Purchase Prize selected by the late Sir Terry Frost. She has taught in universities in the UK and Australia.

She works from her painting and printmaking studio in Suffolk.

Russell owns anapartmentin the heart of Lisbon, Portugal available for short term lets.


Studied At
  • University of Westminster and Kingston (Fine BA Fine Art)
  • RCA (Cultural History)
  • Slade School of Fine Art
  • Camberwell MA Printmaking
  • St Martins Post Grad Photography
Written Work
Student thesis on:
  • American Painter Richard Diebenkorn
  • The photographic works of Andreas Gursky
  • The photographic work of Hiroshi Sugimoto
See my events page for a full list of exhibitions.
  • The Artichoke Print Studio and John Purcell award
  • The Clifford Chance Print Prize selected by Terry Frost with additional award by Frank Hindley Art Consultants.
‘Printmaking Today’Publishing
Book jackets
  • ‘Digitalia’ Architecture and the digital, the environment and the avant garde Dr Susannah Hagan.
  • ‘Feeling Form’ Dr Susannah Hagan.
Tassie Russell has given undergraduate courses on fine art, printmaking and photography at colleges in London and Suffolk in the United Kingdom and in Melbourne, Australia.